Rebkong CHINA INDIA NEPAL BHUTAN MYANMAR TibetAutonomousRegion Qinghaiprovince Sichuanprovince Gansuprovince Tibet historical border Kashmiradminsteredby India Kashmiradminsteredby Pakistan 100 miles 100 km Disputed region Aksai Chinadminsteredby China 1-4 5-10 Over 10 Number of cases as of April 26 TIMELINE OF SUICIDE ATTEMPTS 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Since February 2009, at least 121Tibetans, five in exile, are known to have set themselves on fire,with most of them dying. Mouse over locations Source: International Campaign for Tibet Note: One self-immolationin Beijing not shown on map Victim 1 Damchoe SangpoAge: 38Date: February 17, 2012Status: Deceased It was reported that he died after setting himself ablaze after monks were banned from marking a religious ceremony, while other sources reported that he had objected to a rigorous "patriotic education" campaign at his monastery. Themchen, Tsonub, Qinghai province Victim 1 Wangchen NorbuAge: 25Date: November 19, 2012Status: Deceased Sources in the region say that Norbu set himself ablaze near Kangtsa Gaden Choephelling Monastery and shouted slogans calling for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet, release of the Panchen Lama and freedom for Tibet. Kangsta, Qinghai province Recent victims Total 14 Khabum GyalAge: 18Date: November 15, 2012Status: Deceased Teenager Khabum Gyal, the second youngest of seven children, self-immolated near the town of Rebkong and passed away. Following the incident, local people and monks from nearby Gartse monastery took Khabum Gyal’s body to the monastery for prayers and cremation. Tamding TsoAge: 23Date: November 7, 2012Status: Deceased Tso, the mother of a six-year old boy, set herself on fire and died in the center of the Drorong Po village in Rebkong. Local Tibet-ans had noticed Tso praying for Tibetans who had self-immolated Rebkong, Qinghai province Victim 1 Tamdin TharAge: FiftiesDate: June 15, 2012Status: Deceased Thar set himself on fire in front of the People's Armed Police base in Chentsa according to Tibetan sources in exile. Armed police were reportedly seen extinguishing the flames as he lay on the ground, still moving, before he was then taken away in a vehicle by security forces. Chentsa, Qinghai province No image Victim 1 Phagmo DundrupAge: Early twentiesDate: February 24, 2013Status: Deceased Dundrup self-immolated when hundreds of Tibetans were present at the Chac-hung monastery for a traditional prayer ceremony. According to information from Tibetan sources in exile, monks tried to extinguish the flames after he set himself ablaze. He passed away in a hospital. Bayan Khar, Qinghai province No image Victim 1 Wangchen KyiAge: 17Date: December 9, 2012Status: Deceased The seventeen-year-old student died after setting fire to herself and calling for the long life of the Dalai Lama and of the Tibetan people as she set herself ablaze, according to reports from exile Tibetans in contact with people in the area. Tsekhog, Qinghai province No image Recent victims Total 19 Konchok KyabAge: 26Date: January 22, 2013Status: Deceased Set fire to himself to protest China's policy on Tibet and and passed away after the incident. Tsering TashiAge: 22Date: January 12, 2013Status: Deceased Following Tashi’s self-immolation in the main street of Amchok town, Sangchu, Chinese police and security officials arrived, barring monks from offering prayers. They ordered Tashi’s family to cremate the body as soon as possible or face the consequences if they refused. Sangchu, Gansu province Recent victims Total 6 Konchok TenzinAge: 28Date: March 26, 2013Status: Deceased Tenzin, a monk at Mokri monastery since a young age, died during a self-immolation protest. His body was taken back to the monastery and cremated the same night in fear that the remains would be confiscated by the authorities, according to Kirti monks in exile. Pema DorjeeAge: 23Date: December 8, 2012Status: Deceased Dorjee had gone to the monastery to pray at the time of the anniversary of Tsongkhapa’s passing and self-immolated in the presence of many people. He shouted that the Dalai Lama should be allowed to return to Tibet, and called for the unity of the Tibetan people. Luchu, Gansu province Recent victims Total 6 Losang DawaAge: 20Date: April 24, 2013Status: Deceased The most recent incidents on record. Both monks of the Taktsang Lhamo Kirti monastery, Dawa and Woeser set themselves on fire in the monastery’s assembly hall around 6:40 pm on April 24. They shouted slogans of protest against the Chinese government and its policies in Tibet, and died immediately. Monks took their bodies to their rooms and praid for them. Konchok WoeserAge: 23Date: April 24, 2013Status: Deceased Dzoege, Sichuan province Victim 1 Tsering KyiAge: 19Date: March 3, 2012Status: Deceased Teenager Kyi, a pupil at the Tibetan Middle School in Machu, set fire to herself in the vegetable market of Machu town. Authorities imposed a tight military lockdown in the area following the incident, with people’s cellphones being investigated in an attempt to prevent dissemination of any images or footage that may have been taken of the incident Machu, Gansu province Victim 1 Sonam WangyalAge: FortiesDate: January 8, 2012Status: Deceased Wangyal, a respected religious figure in his local area, drank kerosene and set himself on fire, according to the Tibetan government in exile. His self-immolation was said to be linked to lack of religious freedoms in the area. Darlag, Qinghai province 1 Lobsang GelegAge: 29Date: December 3, 2012Status: Deceased Geleg set fire to himself at the main intersection in Pema county town and died at the scene. Before his death he shouted and looked to bring his hands together in prayer, according to a local Tibetan who spoke with Tibetans in exile. State security attempted to remove his body, but were stopped by a gathering of local Tibetans, who took the body to the local monastery for prayers. Pema, Qinghai province Victim Recent victims Total 34 Lobsang ThogmeAge: 28Date: March 16, 2013Status: Deceased Thogme, a Kirti monk, set fire to himself and died on the fifth anniversary of a protest in Ngaba in which armed police fired into an unarmed crowd. He is the third Kirti monk to set fire to himself on the anniversary of the crackdown in 2008. RinchenAge: 17Date: February 19, 2013Status: Deceased Rinchen was accompanied by 18-year-old Sonam Dhargye. Both set themselves on fire in protest against the Chinese government in Dzoge township, Ngaba.According to sources, the families were able to recover their bodies. Ngaba, Sichuan province Recent victims Total 3 Losang LozinAge: 18Date: July 17, 2012Status: Deceased Lozin set fire to himself in front of his monastery’s main assembly hall and attempted to start walking towards the township government office, according to monks from a Kirti monastery in India. Chimey PaldenAge: 21Date: March 30, 2012Status: Deceased Palden, a monk from Tsodun monastery in Ngaba, set fire to himself, along with fellow monk Tenpa Darjey, aged 22, outside the prefectureal government offices in Barkham, Ngaba. Barkham, Sichuan province No image 1 TseringAge: TwentiesDate: January 18, 2013Status: Deceased Tsering set himself on fire in Drachen village, Mar-thong, and passed away at the scene. His body was taken away by Chinese police, according to Tibetan exile sources. Marthong, Sichuan province No image Victim Recent victims Total 9 KalkyiAge: 30Date: March 24, 2013Status: Deceased Kalkyi set fire to herself close to Jonang Gonchen monastery in Dzamthang and died immediately afterwards, according to Tibetan exile sources. Local people took her body to the monastery for prayers. Thubten Nyandak andhis niece AtseAges: 45, 23Date: April 6, 2012Status: Both deceased Circumstances around the deaths of the Tibetan religious figure and his niece who died in a fire remain unclear. New information from the Central Tibetan Adminis-tration (CTA) in India, indicates that their deaths were due to self-immolation Dzamthang, Sichuan province 2 Palden ChoetsoAge: 35Date: November 3, 2011Status: Deceased State news agency Xinhua confirmed the self-immolation and reported that the nun died after setting herself on fire near her nunnery in Tawu. Tsewang NorbuAge: 29Date: August 15, 2011Status: Deceased Norbu died after setting fire to himself and calling for freedom and the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet. He drank petrol before immolating himself, according to Tibetan exiles.State media confirmed that Tsewang Norbu was swiftly cremated afterwards. Tawu, Sichuan province Recent victims 1 Dawa TseringAge: 38Date: October 25, 2011Status: Unknown Tsering was reportedly participating in a religious ritual inside his monastery attended by hundreds of local people when he set himself on fire before Chinese police reportedly surrounded the monastery. His current condition and whereabouts are not known. Kardze, Sichuan province Victim 1 WangyalAge: TwentiesDate: November 26, 2012Status: Unknown Wangyal set himself on fire in front of the golden-horse statue in Serthar. Chinese authorities immediately arrived at the immolation site and took away Wangyal’s body, eyewit-nesses said. His current whereabouts and status are unknown. Sertar, Sichuan province No image Victim Recent victims Total 3 Ngawang NorphelAge: 22Date: June 20, 2012Status: Deceased Carrying Tibetan flags and shouting pro-independence slogans, former monk Tenzin Khedup and Ngawang Norphel torched themselves in Dzatoe township, Tridu. Tenzin KhedupAge: 24Date: June 20, 2012Status: Deceased Trindu, Qinghai province 1 Dickyi ChoezomAge: FortiesDate: June 27, 2012Status: Unknown Choezom, a mother of two, set herself on fire near the Dhondupling Monastery. Chinese security personnel at the scene doused the flames and took her away, reportedly to a hospital in Siling, but no further information is available.An exile monk with contacts in the region told Tibetan media that police arrested two of her relatives. They were reportedly released later in the day carrying injuries from severe beatings. Yulshul, Qinghai province No image Victim 1 YangdangAge: 27Date: September 29, 2012Status: Deceased According to Tibetans in exile, Yangdang set fire to himself along the main road in Dzato town and shouted for freedom in Tibet and for the return of the Dalai Lama. After onlookers were able to put out the flames, security forces took Yangdang’s body to the local hospital. The following day local authorities informed family members that he would be transferred to a hospital outside the Tibetan area but later informed them he died while in transport. Authorities have yet to release the body to his family, according to the same sources. Dzato, Qinghai province No image Victim 1 Tenzin PhuntsogAge: 46Date: December 1, 2011Status: Deceased The first self-immolation to occur in the Tibet Autonomous Region, and the 13th since Kirti monk Tapey set himself on fire on February 27, 2009. According to the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy, Phuntsog died at Chamdo Hospital on December 6, 2011 Chamdo, Tibet Autonomous Region Victim Total 3 TsegyalAge: 27Date: November 7, 2012Status: Deceased Tsegyal was taken into police custody after he set himself on fire in Tingser Village, Diru.From November 7 to 18 he received no treatment for his burns while being held, sources told TCHRD. He died on November 18 in police custody. Tsepo, TenzinAge: 20sDate: October 25, 2012Status: Deceased Two Tibetans in their twenties set fire to themselves in a double self-immolation near a government building.Both were from Bankar monastery and Bankar village, Driru. Driru, Tibet Autonomous Region No image No image Recent victims 1 GudrubAge: 43Date: October 4, 2012Status: Deceased Gudrub, a writer from neighboring Driru county, set fire to himself and called for freedom in Tibet and for the return of the Dalai Lama. Media reported that a group of Tibetans transported Gudrub’s body to hospital, where authorities took him into their custody. Nagchu, Tibet Autonomous Region Victim 2 DargyeAge: 25Date: May 27, 2012Status: Deceased Two young Tibetan men set fire to themselves on outside one of Tibet’s holiest shrines, the Jokhang Temple, in the first self-immolation in Lhasa, Tibet’s historic capital. The self-immolations took place during Saga Dawa, an important religious period for Tibetan Buddhists that commemorates the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death. Dorje TsetenAge: 19Date: May 27, 2012Status: Deceased Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region Victims 1 Tsewang DorjeeAge: 22Date: July 7, 2012Status: Deceased Dorjee called for the long life of His Holiness, but barely three minutes into his protest, Chinese security forces arrived at the scene, doused the flames and took him to a hospital. Damshung, Tibet Autonomous Region No image Victim 2 Drupchen TseringAge: 25Date: February 13, 2013Status: Deceased The Tibetan in exile set fire to himself by the Boudha stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal, on February 13, 2013, the third day of the Tibetan New Year (Losar). Police extinguished the fire and took him to hospital. He is said to have suffered from burns over more than 95% of his body and died in hospital. Kathmandu, Nepal No image BhutukAge: UnknownDate: November 10, 2011Status: Survived The Tibetan monk wrapped a Tibetan flag around himself, doused himself in kerosene then set himself alight at the Boudhanath Buddhist stupa in central Kathmandu. Buddhist pilgrims managed to quickly put out the flames and he survived. No image Victims 3 Jampa YesheAge: 27Date: March 26, 2012Status: Deceased Yeshe set himself alight in New Delhi amidst several hundred protestors representing numerous causes who had gathered to mark an international summit which was to be attended by Chinese President Hu Jintao. Other protestors at the scene put the flames out and he was taken to hospital where he died. The first self-immolation in Tibetan society took place in exile in Delhi on April 27, 1998, when Thubten Ngodrup set himself on fire. Sherab TsedorAge: 25Date: November 4, 2011Status: Minor burns Tsedor stepped from a public bus outside the Chinese embassy in New Delhi, poured fuel over himself and started shouting slogans against the Chinese presence in Tibet after setting himself alight. Police on the scene intervened immediately and managed to put out the flames before they could take hold. Delhi, India No image No image Victims